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Project management


The IARIP carries out the introduction of leading international R&D projects in Hungary and managing, financing and launching similar advanced projects of Hungarian researchers.


International Cooperation


Our institute offers a completely new system of cooperation for its partners. Using the achievements of modern technology, there is no matter where somebody lives and works. For a joint project, researchers from all over the world can work together in their familiar environment, using their local infrastructure. Experts in each field of research – complementing, inspiring and teaching each other – can develop significantly faster.

This common thinking gives a huge boost to the fast-paced disciplines, helping to reach the expected breakthrough in many fields. So, the developments will be much faster and more efficient. The dissemination of technological achievements can be realized at the same time all over the world.

  • You do not have to leave your country, you can work from home, we will cover your expenses (renting machinery, laboratory…)
  • You can join in leading researches
  • You can take part in several projects as a consultant
  • You can be owner of different projects

IARIP provides:

  • Participation in the most customized projects
  • Organization of the needed research team for the projects
  • Communication with other institutions involved in the research
  • Communication with the investors

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  • You can develop your invention in a safe environment
  • You should deal only with professional work
  • You will be the owner of your invention

IARIP provides:

  • Serious professional screening (expert control, risk analysis, implementation plan)
  • Comprehensive management after endorsing the submission (joint venture establishment, financing, consulting, prototype manufacturing, product manufacturing, sales)

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  • Behind your investment, there are only novel and prospective start-ups
  • IARIP focuses only on advanced researches and breakthrough ideas
  • You can become a part-owner of not only one particular idea but also all of the start-ups which our Institute deals with

IARIP provides:

  • Quest of masterminds
  • Professional screening of the ideas
  • Make innovative ideas into projects
  • Project management
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  • Global research projects can be created through collaboration
  • Solving common problems is more efficient and more smashing
  • Joint training and internship programs
  • More efficient use of the shared intellectual and material resources

IARIP provides:

  • Compilation and management of research teams needed for the joint research areas
  • Communication with the Institutions needed for the projects
  • Communication with the investors
  • Organisation of the necessary research and development

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Digital Open University


The institute will launch post-doctoral training programs by collaborating with the leading experts and researchers of its projects, which will be digitally recorded for future use.

The thematic editing of these educational materials opens the door for IARIP to grow into a research university and to offer the highest level of master and doctoral education, and uniquely in the higher education – as a virtual open university – it brings to fruition the most modern and the most up-to-date adult training program.


Film Studio and Online TV Channel


By using the steadily increasing knowledge and educational database, thematic educational films and big movies, such as the movie Interstellar, will be produced.

These multimedia materials – using the most modern VR technologies – will be broadcast on online television, so the knowledge from the most up-to-date researches and developments will become almost immediately and clearly accessible to everyone in the world.


The Fuel of the Future


  • Safe shares/units
  • Project-Based
  • It separates from the project so the investor becomes the owner of all the StartUps

  • 1. Establishment of a Closed Joint-Stock Company.
  • 2. “Angel investor” will receive 10% of shares from the IARIP.
  • 3. Recruitment. Finding initiators and collaborating professionals.
  • 4. Sale of the next 10% share package for launching the prepared small projects and promote the community interface.
  • 5. Starting larger projects(crowdfunding, selling another share package)


Advanced Idea Development (AID)


The different theoretical researches, technological and industrial innovations and developments, as well as the solutions for the energy, environmental etc. problems we are facing now and in the near future, are all based on and immerging from novel ideas.

For these reasons our institute’s main function is to generate and to collect all these new and novel scientific and innovation ideas.